Meet the Crafter

Throughout my life’s journey, I have been given many great opportunities.  In my personal search for happiness, I came across leatherwork as a career.  I have met wonderful leather crafters along the way who have shared their knowledge with me.

One of these artisans has become my mentor.  For the past several years, she has been teaching me the art of making shoes by hand.  I feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment when I take raw materials and turn them into something useful…something beautiful.  I even teach some classes at her establishment, The Chicago School of Shoemaking.

Life can be chaotic.  When I’m making shoes, a gentle calmness takes over.  I feel refreshed. Making a pair of shoes renews my soul.

So my advice to you is to take the road less traveled.  Do good, be kind, be confident and give back.  And on your journey, do your best to find the path that leads to your passion.


Orders for Noble Soles are not subject to return or exchange after goods have been cut. After receiving your custom shoes or boots you have 30 days to contact us and discuss needed adjustments. A first adjustment will be performed free of charge and will be done in a timely manner. Any further adjustments will include a cost of workshop time and materials. All adjustments must be preceded by direct contact either by phone or in person.

Care Instructions

Your Noble Soles shoes may be a bit stiff at first, but will soon mold comfortably to your feet. In addition, the stiffness of the new soles may cause heels to slip until they become more flexible with wear.

The uppers must be cleaned and conditioned regularly to preserve the leather. A shoe wax/water repellent is also acceptable. Silicone products are not recommended. The soles can be replaced by Noble Soles or your local shoe repair shop.

Your feet tracings will remain on file for any future orders you wish to place. Although if there have been changes in your feet, you will need new tracings. I hope you enjoy your new shoes!